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Know your Blood Pressure day

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Poynton and District Rotary Club once again facilitated the annual  'Know Your Blood Pressure Day' on Saturday the 20th May 2017, in Poynton Civic Hall, thanks to assistance from Cheshire East Community Fund. This event was supported by Diane Warhurst of the Stroke Association and a wonderful team of clinician volunteers carrying out the blood pressure tests during the day.  

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 Know Your Blood Pressure Day

Figures show that there are an estimated 16 million people living in the UK with high blood pressure, however as many as five million of these remain untreated. With approximately over 50% of strokes caused by high blood pressure, this is an alarming statistic and one that both Rotary and The Stroke Association are fighting to change.

Know your Blood Pressure
Know Your Blood Pressure Day


It was an excellent opportunity for anyone to have their blood pressure checked free of charge. It also achieved the aim of raising general awareness of the link between high blood pressure and strokes.  


A total of 79 people had their blood pressure checked by the volunteer clinicians. Systolic measurements in the over 60 group were in the range 102 - 160 with an average of 134, and the Diastolic measurements were in the range 50 - 105 with an average of 78. There were 16 aged over 45 with a higher than recommended measurement, and these were given helpful advice to see their GP and have a recheck.          

Hundreds of Rotary Clubs all over Great Britain and Ireland have been making use of local facilities such as church halls, shopping centres, libraries and leisure centres to carry out the free checks, assisted by health professionals and the Stroke Association, who are able to provide information and advice on stroke related health issues.            .

Having your blood pressure checked is a very simple step to reduce your chances of being affected and it is great that Poynton Rotary Club

can continue to work with the Stroke Association to raise awareness with one simple check.      

Stroke Association - Mike Ashton
 Mike raised £600 for the Stroke Association


Download a fact sheet produced by the Stroke Association on the effects of High Blood Pressure.