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Mary Sunley Canal Trip

Mary Sunley Canal Trip
 Canal Trip

Each year, Poynton Rotary Club hosts 10 residents from sheltered housing schemes, or other Poynton groups, for a four hour trip on the Mary Sunley canal boat.

Heading first towards Marple, our guests are treated to a fish and chip lunch on board before the boat turned round for the trip back to Higher Poynton.

We are very well looked after by Mary Sunley skipper and cheerful volunteer crew, and all our guests were delighted with their day out on the water in glorious sunshine.

This was one of several trips organised each year.



Macc Canal
 Macclesfield Canal

The Macclesfield Canal was one of the last narrow canals to be built, indeed, it was very nearly built as a railway! A variety of ideas were proposed and the present canal was approved by Act of Parliament in April 1826. The route of the canal was surveyed by Thomas Telford and construction was engineered by William Crosley. The completed canal was opened on 9th November 1831 at a cost of £320,000.

As with many canals, the Macclesfield passed into the hands of the railways for about 100 years. The canal was bought out by the Manchester, Sheffield & Lincoln Railway in 1847. It was managed with the Ashton and Peak Forest canals, which were owned by the same company, and known collectively as the APM Canals. At railway grouping in 1923 the APM found themselves with the LNER.

The canals and the railways were nationalised in 1947 and the Macclesfield went to a new body, the Docks & Inland Waterways Board. Commercial carrying finished only in the 1960's shortly before British Waterways was formed. The canal is now part of the network owned and managed by the charity, the Canal & River Trust.